What is Hollywood Is Calling
Hollywood Is Calling is a fantastic new service which allows you to purchase a live phone call, an email video greeting card or a telephonic personal appearance from your favorite celebrity
How do I know these are real celebrities making live calls has been investigated by reporters from The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, TechTV, People Magazine, E! Online, TV Guide, and many other media outlets. All of them have confirmed the authenticity of what we do. To read some of these stories all you have to do is perform a search using and the name of the news organization as keywords
How long are the celebrity calls
All calls are less than 30 seconds in length, but this may vary from celebrity to celebrity
How much does it cost to have a Celebrity Call
It costs $29.95 for a customized live call and $19.95 for standard live call. Call orders placed outside of the continental United States cost an additional $10 surcharge
Can I have a celebrity call me or a friend on a cell phone
Absolutely, but the cell phone must be on 24 hours a day and have a voice mail system in case you don't answer.
How is Hollywood Is Calling able to get celebrities to participate in this service at such affordable prices?
The vast majority of our celebrities are not motivated by financial reasons when it comes to this project. Their extraordinary achievements have made them tremendously popular all across the globe and they believe that our patented new service is a great way for them to stay in touch with their growing fan base. It's also a lot of fun.
How do I get the Celebrity I pick from your directory to call
1] Make certain the answering machine or cell phone of whoever you're buying the call for is turned on immediately
2] If you or the person you're buying the call for has any type of Call Blocking, Call Screening or Call Identifier Service we recommend that you shut it off over the next seven days since these services will slow the call up or cause it to terminate before the celebrity gets through to you. Remember the calls all terminate automatically within 30 seconds no matter what
3] If you're purchasing the call for someone else make certain they know about it before you place the order
4] Select one of our Celebrities and then click on the "Place Your Order" button below their photo
How long does it take for the celebrity to call
The celebrity may call minutes after you place your order or they may call you a week later. It's entirely up to them and their schedules. During peak time periods some calls may take as long as 30 days to receive. They may call at any time day or night because they live in various time zones so it's important for you to make certain the answering machine is always on.
Can I specify the date the celebrity calls on
No. The celebrity will call within approximately seven days of your order date at a day and time of their choosing
What if I accidentally pick up the phone when it rings and it's the celebrity
If you pick it up the phone the celebrity will still give you the message but they cannot wait while you turn the answering machine on or run to get the person the message is intended for. The call will automatically terminate in less than 30 seconds
What happens if the celebrity gets a busy signal when they call
The celebrity will make several attempts to call your answering machine at various times. If you tie up your phone line excessively by going online with your computer for long periods of time then we recommend that you keep your phone line free as much as possible during the 7 day period following the placement of your order
Can I put the celebrity on hold while I get the person I bought the call for
No. The call will automatically end less than 30 seconds after it begins so we strongly recommend that you leave your machine on, or if you happen to answer the phone, that you simply chat with the celebrity for the allocated time before the call automatically ends
When will the celebrity call
The celebrity may call minutes after you place your order or they may call you a week later. During peak time periods some calls may take as long as 30 days to receive. They may call at any time day or night because they live in various time zones so it's important for you to make certain the answering machine is always on. The celebrity will have their Caller ID blocked so you must shut off your privacy manager before you place your order.
What types of messages can I have the celebrity leave
You can have the celebrity leave a customized message that you've written for $29.95 or you can choose a standard message for $19.95. The following calls are currently available:
  • 5 Minute Motivational And Health Tips Call - $100
  • 10 Minute Motivational And Health Tips Call - $200
  • 20 Minute Motivational And Health Tips Call - $300
  • 5 Minute Live Psychic Consultation - $50
  • 10 Minute Live Psychic Consultation - $75
  • 15 Minute Live Psychic Consultation - $100
  • Customized Message - $29.95
  • Customized Romance Special - $29.95
  • Call Just To Say Hello - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Encouraging Motivational Call - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Merry Christmas - $19.95
  • Happy Birthday - $19.95
  • Tell My Wife I Love Her - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Tell My Girlfriend I Love Her - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Tell My Husband I Love Him - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Tell My Boyfriend I Love Him - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Congratulations On Getting Married - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Congratulations On Your Bachelor Party - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your Bachelorette Party - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your Prom - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your Graduation - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your Bar Mitzvah - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your Bat Mitzvah - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your First Holy Communion - $19.95
  • Thank You For Your Business - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Thanks For Being A Great Boss - $19.95
  • Thanks For Allowing Me To Be Your Realtor - $19.95
  • Thanks For Allowing Me To Be Your Sales Representative - $19.95
  • Thank You For The Job Interview - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Have A Nice Day - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Happy Anniversary - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your Wedding Anniversary - $19.95
  • Happy Easter - $19.95
  • April Fools - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Being Employee Of The Month - $19.95
  • Happy Marital Engagement - $19.95
  • I Miss You Very Much - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Congratulations On Having A Baby - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Happy Retirement - $19.95
  • Happy Sweetest Day - $19.95
  • Happy Fathers Day - $19.95
  • Happy Mothers Day - $19.95
  • Happy Hanukkah - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Congratulations On A Great Report Card - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Happy Thanksgiving - $19.95
  • Happy Valentines Day - $19.95
  • Happy New Year - $19.95
  • Happy Halloween - $19.95
  • Get Well Soon - $19.95
  • Invitation To A Date - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Marriage Proposal - $19.95 (NEW)
  • Congratulations On Winning The Big Game - $19.95
  • Message Of Unconditional Love From Your Family - $19.95
  • Congratulations On Your Recent Success - $19.95
  • Celebrity Wishes You Good Luck - $19.95
  • Celebrity Encourages You To Study - $19.95
Will the celebrity mention the name of the person I'm buying this for
Can I have the celebrity leave any kind of message I request
No. In order to be approved the message must be brief, polite, in good taste and civil.
Does it take longer to get the call if I pay by electronic check
Yes. If you paid by credit card then the celebrity will call within approximately 7 days of your order date, however if you pay by electronic check then the celebrity will call within approximately seven days of the day your electronic check clears. Electronic checks typically take four to seven days to clear. Whereas a credit card transaction is immediate and results in a much faster call back from the celebrity
Can I use these calls for commercial endorsements or for broadcast purposes
These calls cannot be used for any commercial endorsements or broadcast purposes. Any attempt to do so will result in the call order being ignored and having a "Wish You Well" message substituted by the celebrity
Can I be notified by e-mail each time you add a new celebrity
Yes. Just Click Here to join our free electronic newsletter. It will notify you whenever we add a celebrity as well as keep you informed regarding all the latest developments on
What is the Invitation To A Date call order option
Thinking about asking someone out on a date, but you're a little shy? Why not have a celebrity call and ask them if they'd like to go out with you? Just select a celebrity and pick the Invitation To A Date call order option. The celebrity will then call the person you've requested them to call and tell them your name and that you'd like to invite them on a date. If that individual is interested in going out with you then they will be asked to contact you and let you know.
What is the Marriage Proposal call order option
Would you like to propose to your sweetheart in an incredibly unique way? Well now you can have a real celebrity call your sweety and tell them that you'd like to marry them. This will be so fun and memorable that you'll be telling your grandchildren about it someday.
Will you be adding new celebrities to you directory
Yes. We recommend you check back each week as our celebrity directory will be updated on a regular basis
Can I make money by referring clients to
Yes. If you own a business, a web site or are involved in marketing or sales and would like to increase your revenues we invite you to become an Affiliate Member
What do I need to become an Affiliate Member?
You need three things:
1] A account with
2] An email address
3] A means by which you can generate referrals to us
How much would I earn as an Affiliate Member?
Every time someone you refer to us who purchases a celebrity phone call that is completed you will be paid fifty cents [U.S.]
How do I collect the money I earn in referral fees
We wire the funds directly into your account on the 20th day of the month for those referral calls that were completed and confirmed the previous month. To request a fund withdrawal you simply log onto your Hollywood Is Calling Affiliate Account Control Panel and request a withdrawal. To withdraw funds you must have a balance of at least twenty dollars [U.S.] and make your withdrawel request prior to the 15th day of the month.
How much money do I have to have in my account before I can withdraw it
You must have at least twenty dollars in your account
Can I keep track of how much money I'm making through referrals
Yes. Each Affiliate Member will have their own Affiliate Account Control Panel from which you can monitor your account activity
What time of day do the celebrities usually call
Given the fact that our celebrities are scattered in different time zones all over the world when they travel, they may call you at any time of day or night. Consequently, it is important to leave your answering machine on at all times
If I'm purchasing the call for someone else, do I have to tell them about it prior to placing the order
Yes. This is mandatory, to prevent the client from assuming it's a prank call and hanging up prematurely.
Why is it mandatory that call blocking be disabled prior to the placement of this call order
Call blocking prevents the celebrity from getting through. It needs to be disabled so that the celebrity can maintain the confidentiality of their phone number
Why do some of the celebrities have an UNAVAILABLE status
When a celebrity's schedule renders them unavailable to make calls for a few days they will alter their status to UNAVAILABLE. Please check back regularly as this is only a temporary situation and they will eventually make themselves available again
What is an email video greeting card?
It is a video greeting card that you can order and email to someone you care about. When they receive it a video screen will display a pre-recorded video greeting card message from a celebrity.
What kind of email video greeting cards can I order?
The following video emails are currently available:
  • Merry Christmas Email Video Greeting Card
  • Happy Birthday Email Video Greeting Card
  • Happy Anniversary Email Video Greeting Card
  • Encouraging Motivational Email Video Greeting Card
  • I Love You Email Video Greeting Card
  • Valentines Email Video Greeting Card
  • Mothers Day Email Video Greeting Card
  • Fathers Day Email Video Greeting Card
  • Get Well Soon Email Video Greeting Card
  • Thank You Email Video Greeting Card
  • Just To Say Hello Email Video Greeting Card
Are the video greeting cards live like your celebrity phone calls?
No. They are pre-recorded and scripted.
Will the recipient know who sent it to them?
Yes. You will be identified as the sender of the email video greeting card.
How long are the video messages?
They vary in length but the average is under 30 seconds long.
How long after I order one will it take the recipient to receive it?
They should receive it within approximately 24 hours. During holidays the heavy order volume we receive may cause a slight delay.
What if I order my email video greeting card by e-check?
Payments by credit card are processed immediately. Payments by e-check are not processed until your check clears which means there may be a delay of 4-5 business days before our system actually transmits your video greeting card.
What if I mistakenly provide the wrong email address? Can I get a refund?
No. All orders are final upon submission and no changes can be made afterwards.
How many times can I view the email video greeting card?
It can be viewed up to 25 times and it will expire 30 days after the purchase date.
What are the technical requirements for viewing the video greeting cards?
Video greeting cards can be seen on both Apple and PC platforms. To view them you must have Microsoft Media Player installed.
What is a Telephonic Personal Appearance?
A Telephonic Personal Appearance is a live phone call made at a date and time designated by the purchaser. It costs $300 for a twenty minute Telephonic Personal Appearance. They must be scheduled no less than 14 days in advance. They can be used for corporate events, fund raisers, business grand openings, promotional events, etc.
What is a Reseller?
A Reseller is any individual, organization or company that would like to resell phone calls. Often the reseller may bundle our phone calls with the sale of their own service.
How do you apply to become a Registered Reseller?

Click on the Resellers link at the top of the page and fill out the application form. You'll be notified by email when your application is processed.

What is a Celebrity Video Press Release?

A Celebrity Video Press Release is an affordable way for you to call attention to your press release by having it hosted and read on camera by a celebrity. Having your news read into a camera by a celebrity is a great way to raise the media profile of your announcement

How much does a Celebrity Video Press Release cost?

A 3 Minute Celebrity Video Press Release is $300.
A 5 Minute Celebrity Video Press Release is $500.
A 10 Minute Celebrity Video Press Release is $1000.

How long can the copy / text be for a Celebrity Video Press Release?

A 3 Minute Celebrity Video Press Release can be up to 2000 characters in length (including the white spaces in between words)

A 5 Minute Celebrity Video Press Release can be up to 3000 characters in length (including the white spaces in between words)

A 10 Minute Celebrity Video Press Release can be up to 6000 characters in length (including the white spaces in between words)

What are the rules and guidelines for the Celebrity Video Press Releases?

1) Do not ask or imply in your press release that the celebrity is endorsing your product, service or policy statement as this will cause your Video Press Release order to be immediately cancelled
2) Do not say or imply anything in your press release copy / text that is illegal, rude, disrespectful, racist or inappropriate. and our Celebrities reserve the right to decline any Video Press Release order for any reason at any time.
3) Do not request changes to a Video Press Release after the order has been submitted to us. All orders are final and no changes are permitted.

Can a customer cancel their Celebrity Video Press Release order and get a refund?

No. All orders are NON-REFUNDABLE unless CANCELLED or DECLINED by at which point the PURCHASER will receive a full refund.

What will the Celebrity Video Press Release look like?

It will be a very casual, continuos shot of your chosen celebrity reading your press release copy directly into a webcam. Very simple and very straightforward.

How long does it take me to receive my Video Press Release after I submit my order?

Most orders are fulfilled within seven business days. Some orders may take several weeks longer to fulfill during peak demand periods.

How do I receive my Celebrity Video Press Release?

Once its completed our system will email you a link that you can use to download your Celebrity Video Press Release.

How can I use my Celebrity Video Press Release?

You can post it on your website, upload it to YouTube or incorporate it into your project's promotional efforts.

Will the Celebrity Video Press Release text / copy be modified or changed after I submit it?

All our CVPR's will begin with the celebrity identifying themselves and indicating that they are with Both and our celebrities reserve the right to make changes to the CVPR text / copy that is submitted by the client if HIC or the celebrity deem it necessary. While this is not done very often we reserve the right to do it if we deem necessary.

Why does Hollywood Is Calling ask me to Facebook friend it or to join me on Twitter?

Hollywood Is Calling asks that you friend us if you have a Facebook account or add us to your Twitter account so that we can post special announcements about new celebrities we're adding, upcoming VIP events and parties, future discounts and other special messages related to Hollywood Is Calling, Celebrity Dating Network and our other companies and initiatives. These messages will be posted on your Facebook or Twitter page for all your friends to see.

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